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Enhancing Residential Security and Comfort During Dark Nights


As daylight hours grow shorter and the winter chill sets in, residents and homeowners face a host of challenges. These include managing energy costs, navigating low-light entry, and ensuring their homes remain secure against potential intruders. With these concerns in mind ADI looks at how products for residential security and home automation can offer protection and comfort to the end-user as the nights get longer.

Maintaining Home Security Systems 

According to ADT’s 2022 burglary report 58% of break-ins happen between 6pm-6am, with 70% occurring on weekdays. This underscores the importance of well-maintained and clearly visible security alarm systems as effective deterrent. The recommendation for domestic homes is for a BSI EN 50131 Grade 1 or 2 system, wired of wireless. Installers can offer subscription monitoring services and maintenance contracts, or homeowners can choose to self-monitor via mobile apps. Systems vary greatly from bell only alarms to comprehensive smart security systems, accommodating various customer budgets and needs. For added protection during the winter months customers should consider weatherproof outdoor CCTV cameras designed to function in low-light conditions to deter intruders and monitor the home. 

Fire Safety in Winter

Winter months bring unique fire hazards, often overlooked by homeowners. With heating systems in full swing and increased use of lights and plugs, it’s crucial to have high-quality smoke alarms. With more choice installers are now able to offer wired, wireless and smart detectors that send alerts via an app for early fire detection.  Additionally, investment in carbon monoxide detectors can monitor emissions from gas heating systems. Though there is no legislation to cover domestic homes, the common areas of flats and maisonettes are covered in England and Wales by the The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 with requirements which may include, detectors, alarms, emergency lighting and extinguishers. 

Home Automation for Comfort and Security

Convenience is key when offering smart solutions, especially in the winter when energy bills are at their highest and the longer nights can lead to more fear about intruders. Good lighting in the winter can make a significant difference, whether for deterring intruders or helping residents feel safe when entering their property. Outdoor smart lighting is a great solution with motion activated lights to help protect properties and alert others to activity. Within the home there are options to use smart plugs and automated lights to simulate presence in the property which in turn can deter burglars. To save on energy costs, consider offering smart thermostats, and for added protection against cold weather-induced pipe bursts, explore the options in water leak and flood detection devices. 

Access Control for Dark Environments

While access control in flats and apartment blocks is commonplace, residential customers are increasingly seeking advanced lock solutions to enhance their security. Smart locks, operable via a smartphone app even in freezing temperatures, offer control over who enters the property. Alternatively, keyless entry options with biometric or PIN access eliminate the need for physical keys susceptible to cold-related issues. For added convenience and security, automated access control solutions for gates, allowing people to stay warm in the vehicle as they enter. From an intruder perspective, video doorbells can allow you to see who’s visiting before answering the door and are especially effective when combined with outdoor lighting. 


As residential customers look to secure and protect their homes throughout winter there are opportunities for installers to both sell add on smart home products to add comfort or cost efficiency or full security solutions with monthly service and maintenance controls to ensure longer term customer loyalty. 

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