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Revolutionising Gym Security: DIT Teams Up with ADI, Axis and Milestone to Implement Advanced Surveillance Solution for Basic-Fit


As the demand for 24-hour gyms and fitness centres grows, the challenge of maintaining a safe environment becomes more complex. Traditionally, a security guard would be present, but this is not always feasible and cost effective. A more scalable solution is an integrated technical security system. In a groundbreaking collaboration, Netherlands-based installer/integrator Dit Is Beveiliging (DIT) partnered with ADI, Axis, and Milestone to implement a cutting-edge remote surveillance solution for Basic-Fit gyms across Europe.

A large project with many challenges


The remote surveillance system’s deployment scale has been impressive, covering both new and existing clubs, with plans for implementation in 200 to 250 new clubs annually. This extensive rollout spans the five different countries where Basic-Fit operates, covering approximately 1,000 clubs (out of 1,400) and ensuring a widespread safety net for their members. Basic-Fit was founded and is well-represented in the Netherlands, but it can also be found in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, and Germany.


Implementing the system was not without challenges. Basic-Fit faced difficulties surrounding privacy laws across different countries, demanding meticulous compliance measures. Additionally, logistical and product stocking challenges emerged due to the large scale of implementation while managing the entire system chain, from design to procurement, installation, and ongoing overall management.

The international aspect of the project required a solution adhering to government security standards not only in the Netherlands but also in countries with different standards. A unified solution was sought that applies to all countries. Finding a suitable product for fire protection proved challenging, but with the support of ADI Benelux, a solution was eventually found, and ADI continues to play a crucial role in consolidating the procurement of all necessary products for Basic-Fit Europe in the Netherlands. In addition, ADI's pre-build and pre-configuration services remain a core service offering, ensuring that all products are correctly set up. This centralisation allows DIT to efficiently program and configure everything from their Netherlands site and then dispatch to the different project locales. DIT procures the necessary hardware through ADI Benelux and works with the ADI project team on installations.

Why was ADI the distributor partner of choice?


DIT has been an ADI customer since its inception. When the company was founded, it needed a distributor with confidence in its innovative ideas. DIT founder and MD, Elco van Es explains, "After selling traditional security solutions for years, we wanted to focus on innovative new concepts. That was already a risk, but the global credit crisis hit 2008. ADI always maintained confidence in our ideas, especially during that time, and we could continue despite the difficult situation. That creates a bond, and that's why we have a strong commitment to each other. This collaboration emerged. We are four strong parties that can devise and provide structural security solutions together.

Multipurpose Remote Surveillance


Traditional surveillance cameras can monitor the clubs day and night. However, the challenge is that somebody must continuously monitor the camera footage. What is more critical is responding quickly to emergencies, such as a customer feeling unwell during a workout or somebody displaying aggressive behaviour. The need was for a proactive system which recognises suspicious or potentially life-threatening situations and alerts the control room for evaluation and swift action to guarantee safety in all gyms.

When Basic-Fit approached DIT with this requirement, there was no 'off-the-shelf' or existing system. Therefore, in collaboration with ADI, Axis and Milestone, the company sought a unique and innovative solution: a comprehensive, integrated system managing aspects like fire safety, intrusion, access control, aggression, foot traffic and remote surveillance tailored to 24/7 open gyms.

Smart cameras installed in the clubs are integrated with sensor technology and a bespoke AI algorithm, capable of identifying instances where a customer may feel unwell or display aggressive behaviour. DIT and Basic-Fit collaborated on developing a bespoke solution to address the challenge of recognising aggressive behaviour in the gym. While conventional systems typically respond to sound cues, such as shouting, this approach posed limitations as some individuals vocalise loudly during weightlifting, resembling emergencies. Specialised sensors were therefore engineered to differentiate between exercise-related noise and potentially harmful behaviour to mitigate false alarms. This technology enables immediate detection and reporting of various scenarios to the control room, where analysis is conducted using video management software from Milestone. In the event of an incident, the Basic-Fit control room can promptly intervene, contacting individuals on-site via an intercom system and alerting emergency services as needed, even in the absence of staff members.

Bespoke Cabinet at the Core of the Solution


Integral to the remote surveillance system, DIT, played a pivotal role in designing the core infrastructure for Basic-Fit's security system. DIT's meticulously designed cabinet is at the heart of each newly constructed gym—a sophisticated unit housing seamlessly integrated software and hardware components. This centralised system owes its capability to effortlessly integrate Axis Communications' video, audio, access control, and switches. DIT's involvement from the project's inception enabled seamless collaboration with Axis, refining and optimising the cabinet's functionalities to align with Basic-Fit's evolving requirements. Their partnership with Axis fostered the development of a systematic approach, prioritising innovation, quality, and adaptability. Over the past few years, DIT, with Axis, has spearheaded the development of five bespoke solutions tailored precisely to address Basic-Fit's nuanced security needs, ensuring a flexible and personalised approach to safeguarding the fitness club chain.

In the realm of security for Basic-Fit, Control Room B-Securité plays a pivotal role as the central hub overseeing safety and security operations across the fitness clubs. Their monitoring and real-time response capabilities, coupled with the management of safety protocols, ensure the seamless functioning of the RS system. Committed to promptly addressing security concerns and maintaining continuous surveillance, B-Securité faces challenges inherent in 24/7 operations. For instance, in the event of a member sustaining an injury at 23:00, after staff hours, an unwell detection trigger is relayed to the control room, enabling moderators to summon assistance if necessary. B-Securité's contributions are instrumental in upholding a secure environment, complementing the efforts of Axis Communications and DIT.

Technical Support for Your Security Installations


With the expansion of its product range, ADI also offers additional project support for projects related to video surveillance, integrated security installations or standalone projects. The team can provide technical advice before the project is launched or during project roll-out. Additionally, we have a team of experts available to answer specific questions about projects, products and various technical solutions.

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