Trimec 118001-010 Deadbolt V-Lock Es8000 12-24vdc Ptl Ss

Brand: Trimec
ADI #:118001-010 Model #: 118001-010  Name: DEADBOLT V-LOCK ES8000 12-24VDC PTL SS
  • SIDE LOAD - PRE LOAD Capable Lock will unlock with up to 15kg of side pressure, when wired in 3 wire mode. (1 x Permanent Power, (positive 12-24Vdc) wire. Negative (0 volt return) wire, and 1 x Switching input (positive 12-24Vdc) wire
  • Door misalignment of up to 3.5mm +/-
  • Power to Lock (Fail Safe) / Power to Open (Fail Secure) field configurable